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Dr. Praveen C R

With 15+ years of experience, Dr. Praveen CR is well-known in General Surgeries and Gastrointestinal Plus Laparoscopic Surgeries in Bangalore.

Dr. Praveen C R believes in holistic health and is pursuing Diploma in functional medicine from Functional medicine university, USA, and is a member of the Institute of functional medicine USA Along with this is also pursuing Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition from ACBN(American Clinical Board of nutrition). He believes in proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle as the most important requirements to lead an active life free from illness. And is passionate about educating his patients about nutrition for recovery from major surgeries and preventing recurrences. He is interested in helping patients with chronic diseases through his knowledge of functional medicine and clinical nutrition.

With his interest in nutrition and functional medicine, he provides education to help patients recover after major surgeries. And to completely cure patients with chronic diseases.

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