Hip Replacement

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Hip Replacement

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Hip replacement is done for people having serious hip bone damage. When you have hip joint damage, the surgeon replaces the hip bone with artificial one. The doctors will ensure that the man made parts would have the similar functions of the natural one.

This treatment would enhance you with better hip joint movements, strain less walking and other movements. The most common type of hip arthritis is osteoarthritis. This is generally called as “wear-and-tear” arthritis, and it results in the wearing away of the normal smooth cartilage until bare bone is exposed.

Hip surgery

  • Hip resurfacing: An alternative to hip replacement and a potential solution for younger patients.
  • Partial hip replacement: An alternative to total hip replacement, ideal for people suffering from a hip injury.
  • Total hip replacement: A longstanding option for arthritis pain that completely replaces diseased joint.

Why the Procedure Is Performed

The most common reason to have this surgery is to relieve severe arthritis pain that is limiting your activities.

Most of the time, hip joint replacement is usually done in people age 60 and older, but many people who have this surgery are younger. Younger people who have a hip replaced may put extra stress on the artificial hip. That extra stress can cause it to wear out earlier than in older patients. Part or all of the joint may need to be replaced again if that happens.

Your doctor may recommend a hip replacement for these problems:

  • You can’t sleep through the night because of hip pain
  • Your hip pain has not gotten better with other treatments
  • Hip pain limits or prevents you from doing your normal activities, such as bathing, preparing meals, doing household chores, and walking
  • You have problems walking that require you to use a cane or walker.

Other reasons for replacing the hip joint are:

  • Fractures in the thigh bone. Older adults often have a hip replacement for this reason.
  • Hip joint tumors